Sustainable development insights: synergizing publishing and academic research to propel SDGs Forward




Sustainable Development Goals, Publishing Industry, SDG Publishers Compact, Scopus, Sustainability in Research


Objective: To explore the integral roles of the publishing industry and Scopus, an academic research tool, in supporting and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Method: Qualitative analysis focusing on the impact of publishing on SDG awareness, the evolution of the SDG Publishers Compact, Scopus's role in integrating SDGs, and the broader implications of these initiatives.

Results: Identification of challenges and opportunities in implementing the Compact's objectives, highlighting the importance of collaborative research efforts to tackle complex global challenges, with special emphasis on Scopus's inclusion of SDGs.

Practical Implications: Highlights the synergistic impact of publishing and academic tools in advancing the sustainable development agenda, suggesting the need for collaboration among publishers, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Conclusions: The integration of SDGs into the publishing industry and academic tools represents a significant step forward in the global effort to achieve sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of information and knowledge in fostering a more informed, engaged, and proactive global community.


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Author Biographies

Altieres de Oliveira Silva, Centro Universitário UNICURITIBA, Paraná

Ph.D. student in Business Law and Citizenship at UNICURITIBA, I specialize in Open Access Scientific Journals. I hold a certification from Cambridge University in Scientific Publication. With expertise in the field of Business Law and a strong focus on promoting accessibility to scientific knowledge.

Diego dos Santos Janes , Editora Alumni in, São Paulo

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from UNINOVE, and I am an expert in Open Access Scientific Publications, specializing in Scientific Communication and Editorial Management. Additionally, I have a specialization in Corporate Governance, which complements my knowledge and skills in the realm of business and organizational management. With a focus on promoting accessibility to scientific knowledge and effective editorial practices, my academic background equips me with a comprehensive understanding of both business administration and scholarly publication processes.


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Silva, A. de O., & Janes , D. dos S. (2024). Sustainable development insights: synergizing publishing and academic research to propel SDGs Forward. Journal of Lifestyle and SDGs Review, 4(00), e01589.



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