About the Journal

The focus of the Journal of Lifestyle and SDGs Review is to explore the interplay between human lifestyle and the implementation of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The journal serves as a platform for rigorous academic and scientific research that delves into the impact of individual and collective behaviors on global sustainability and the advancement of SDGs.

The scope of the journal encompasses a wide range of topics related to sustainable lifestyle practices and their contributions to achieving the SDGs. It welcomes original research articles, critical reviews, policy analyses, and case studies that address the following areas:

  1. The examination of how consumption patterns and lifestyle choices influence the progress of specific SDG targets.
  2. The assessment of policies, strategies, and initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption of sustainable lifestyles in different contexts.
  3. Studies on behavior change and interventions that lead to more sustainable practices and contribute to SDG attainment.
  4. Evaluations of sustainable production and consumption practices that align with the SDGs, fostering a circular economy and reduced environmental impact.
  5. Analysis of innovative technologies and best practices that can accelerate SDG implementation and support sustainable living.
  6. Exploration of challenges and opportunities in realizing social equity, justice, and inclusivity through sustainable lifestyle interventions.
  7. Reviews of effective policies and actions to ensure food security, sustainable agriculture, and the protection of ecosystems.
  8. Research on the role of education, awareness, and communication in promoting sustainable lifestyles and enhancing SDG awareness.
  9. The investigation of approaches to improve health, well-being, and resilience within sustainable societies.
  10. Case studies and assessments of community-driven efforts and local initiatives that contribute to SDGs and sustainable living.

The Journal of Lifestyle and SDGs Review aims to provide an academic platform for scholars, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to engage in meaningful dialogue and contribute to the global efforts to achieve the SDGs. The publication encourages evidence-based research that can inform effective strategies, inspire positive change, and foster a more sustainable and equitable world for present and future generations.